The Academy also provides holistic training in education, peace education, psychology, studies, psychology and law, counseling and psychotherapy. The International Academy of Science, Culture and Art is based in Paris, France, with its top international educational branches world-wide. Throughout its history, the mission of the Academy was to bring people of all ages and walks of life closer to arts and culture, to build a bridge, to light the flame of passion and learning, and to make its students the main priority of the Academy and its programs: promote their talents, perfect their skills and knowledge, and help them start their successful career. To this day the International Academy of Science, Culture and Art is devoted and loyal to these basic principles, on which all of its programs are based. The International Academy of Arts offers a unique opportunity to each student - to further obtain a successful career and a dream job, after the completion of the educational program in the Academy. Indeed, such a chance is not offered by any institution yet. We work with each student individually, catering to his/her needs and expectations. We guide each student and watch him/her grow and develop. We prepare each student and help him/her begin new career, find a job in a specific field of their choosing. Finally, becoming a new Hollywood actress on her way to stardom, a new best-selling author, a new star artist on the contemporary art market, a cutting edge photographer, an explorer and a historian, an archeologist excavating a significant site, a new singer aiming for Emmy, a prima ballerina in the best international theaters – is a reality and no longer a dream. And the International Academy of Science, Culture and Art grants this unique opportunity, making dreams a reality, turning its students into working celebrities, true stars in their field, confident in their tomorrow, exchanging their student books for the prime jobs in their fields. They are the magic bridge to stardom for our students, the vital key to their success. Moreover we believe in personalized method of education because each person is unique in its talents, needs and function. We do not put all people under one measuring ruler, we talk to each student individually and find the best solution for him or her. The Academy does not differentiate between ages, gender, nationalities, religion or race. We work with people from all walks of life, of all ages – beginning at age of 6 and until physical ability of a person can still allow for its intellectual and physical activity. We work with students from all over the world and develop not only their knowledge, but also their linguistic skill of communication and guide them in their further professional education.









Team of International Academy of Science, Culture and Art

The courses emphasize the basic importance of love in all fields of life for the establishment of a humane and just society.

The Presidium of the Academy is a permanent collegial executive body of the Academy. The President of the Academy is the sole executive body of the Academy.

The Presidium of the Academy includes the president and vice-presidents of the Academy, as well as no more than 80 members of the Academy elected by the general meeting of the members of the Academy.


The members of the Academy's presidium are elected from among the members of the Academy upon presentation of general meetings of the Academy's branches, general meetings of regional branches

Academy (on quotas, determined by the presidium of the Academy), as well as on the proposal of the President of the Academy. The term of office of the presidium of the Academy is 5 years.